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Significance (Significance, #1) - Shelly Crane It was okay.... but...

1.) It was unnecessarily long. I think the kindle showed that it had 7000+ locations. WTF? At first I thought that maybe there were a lot of good action that were going to happen, but no... there were just... a lot of dialogue. A lot of REPETITIVE and CHEESY dialogue that made me cringe in many instances.

2.) One dimensional characters. The hero is basically flawless - y'know, the too good to be true kind. He's handsome, smart, rich, kind, perfect in every way and in every aspect that he's sooooooooo boring. The cheesy dialogues were supposed to make him seem so sweet and everything, but it just made him sound flat. And I swear, both of the main characters are like a broken record, always telling each other that they love each other, that they complete each other, that they don't want to hurt each other, that they want to make each other happy, on and on and on and on... The list is long, and I tell you each one of them had been repeated over and over and over again by the two characters... don't even make me start on Maggie. She's such a Mary Sue and she really irritated me throughout the book. And my god, this novel had THREE BOYS (and all of them supposed to be hot) in LOVE with her. It's like this story was the manifestation of some housewife's private fantasy or something.

3.) Plot? Plot? Where's the plot? Oh! There are certain people that have abilities! Oh, okay. That sounds cool. But why is it like 75% of the novel is all about Maggie and Caleb flirting with each other in a borderline creepy way? Yes, folks, you read that right.

4.) "He did this and then did that. He said this and I said..." ugh. Come to think of it, maybe the reason why it was sooooooo long and felt like it was taking forever was because of this kind of writing? I'm not a fan of "he did this and did that" because... well... they're not necessary. And they're boring.
Like zZzzZ.

5.) It reads like a really dragging fanfic.

I understand that some people would love this, though. I mean, who wouldn't love a pretty young girl who conveniently graduated High School at 17 being fought over by three handsome Adonis-like men? But it wasn't for me and it made me wish I spent the time reading something else.