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Some Quiet Place - Kelsey Sutton An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This did not influence my review in any way.

Once again, a book that is stamped with such a lovely, eye-catching cover, but with a storyline and heroine so bland and dull that it hurts. Honestly, I expected a lot because that pretty dress made of flowers and sepia tint just screamed "UNIQUE" in bold, capitalized letters. And it's true, it is unique. The premise was definitely interesting. I mean, dude, how often do you see a story that portrays personified emotions - with their own feelings, faces, and personalities - in fiction? Not much, I bet.

But I think we're all too familiar with books with great premises but subpar delivery and execution. Some Quiet Place is one of them, truth be told. What could have been a great read was dampened nearly halfway through. As the other 2 stars reviews of this book have said, the story started excellently - beautiful, almost musical narration, a practical realistic protagonist void of any emotions, and side characters that I felt were unique and dynamic. It had a great start, but after some "twists" were introduced almost halfway, I found myself getting tired and exhausted that I stopped reading this book and put it aside for a few months.

Main Character eventually becomes too bland and empty for my taste. And she's already emotionless to begin with, so that's like adding insult to injury. I didn't feel for her at all, and there were times I wished she'd just disappear from the face of the earth (I know, how mean of me...). Despite the vivid and expressive details and whatnot, it was hard for me to take her seriously. She became extremely annoying, too - from practical and realistic to just downright infuriating. Like, I know you have no emotions whatsoever, but girl, seriously. If you're being slapped around and beaten up by your dad, you fricking defend yourself, call the cops, or ask for help! You don't just limp there and do nothin'. T_T Thanks to the heroine being so useless and dull, it kinda quenched the reading experience, and I only felt exhausted whenever I tried picking it up again. Sorry :(

The twists and turn of events which linked the MC to this strange, mysterious, dead boy just made things confusing. Another one of the factors that contributed to the headache this book has given me. As previously stated, it started excellently, but as I read further, the escalation of events and the revelations just made me scratch my head and wonder, "What the flying fuck is going on here?? I thought I missed some things and would go back, and then become even more confused. Also, the dream scenes felt pretty lame and dragged out, and I just couldn't appreciate them overall. When I got to the end, I only felt relief from the fact I was finally free of this book.

Don't get me wrong, friends. This isn't a bad book, but it just didn't work out for me. In the end, I couldn't appreciate it and eventually disliked it. A lot of my points were subjective, so if you wanted to try this book out, by all means go ahead. A lot of people did, but it's just not my cuppa tea. I will still read the author's future books, though. She does have a musical prose :)

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