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LZR-1143: Evolution (LZR-1143 #2) - Bryan James I thought the first book was better.

Honestly, I didn't feel like finishing this novel. But I did. I tried. I struggled. It was okay, but I felt there were a lot more to be desired. First of all, I have issues with the two main characters ALWAYS on the run. Like seriously, they keep on getting rescued, and each time they're rescued, the rescuers die after, and they survive, and always manage to find something/someone else to rescue them. Even *I* would get tired of that, if I were in the main character's shoes. I felt like being dragged here and there and not given the chance to rest and catch my breath. :(

And oh my dear lord, can the main guy please just stop saying that he finds the main girl beautiful??!! Like we get it already - she's hot, she's sexy, she's downright beautiful, but it is ALWAYS mentioned, ALWAYS referenced. Is that just necessary? And there were times such mentions were made while they were on a run. They're running from zombies, soldiers are after them and then boom - "Oh God, she's beautiful."


And I found it truly weird that the two main characters find it so easy to move on. One of their friends they helped escape from the ship got KABOOMed and then after a few running here and there, they flirt with each other like nothing happened?! He'd rather say "She's beautiful (again)" than at least grieve a little? Sure, everybody has different tastes, but this one bit just strikes a bit odd to me.

Overall, it's okay. But not as good as the first book. Hell, even perspectives was better, and that was less than 50 or so pages. ¬_¬