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Cradle and All - James Patterson I thought it was okay. It's one of the few stand-alones from James Patterson that I read. While it does not boast his better writing skills, I do thought that it was a good read and a "refresher" from all his crime detective stories. There are two virgins, and one of them bears the one who will save the world, and the other carries the one who will destroy it, so our main character, a previous nun turned cop (or was it detective...? I forget!) contradicted with her feelings for a priest, seeks to find out before it is too late...

The premise is okay, although I have to say that character development was poor. I felt really annoyed sometimes when the characters would start contemplating over their feelings for the other, especially between the previous nun and priest. I do agree that they're human, but I think that anyone who has committed themselves to the convent or priesthood don't easily give in to their romantic feelings for the other like that... but what the heck, it's just fiction! O_O

Overall, I thought the twist at the end where one of the girls actually had male organs was a bit... weak. Sure, it was unexpected, but seriously?! Two sets of organs?! Come on :(

But anyway, it was okay. It's not something for everyone to read though, especially the ultra religious people out there... may not be your cup of tea...