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Hollowland - Amanda Hocking I really liked this book. Remy instantly became one of my favorite characters, but one thing I found annoying was how invincible of a fighter she was. I mean, come on, how can she be so cold and heartless? But then again, it would actually be practical to be that way - it's through that you get to survive such a barren world overridden with flesh-eating zombies. I like Lazlo a lot, too, and there were times I felt like I wanted to stab Harlow in the eye due to her being such an annoying spoilt brat, but you get to loosen up to the characters later on...

Writing-wise, it's not really original, but it's decently fast-paced and there were times my heart was racing page after page. It's a good read, but after reading some reviews of how the sequel made Remy such a slut and how she Lazlo treated each other like strangers, I don't feel like picking up the second book...