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Domain of the Dead - Iain McKinnon After seeing that this was only $2.99 on the kindle store, I bought it without hesitation. And I must say it was quite a good read! We're introduced to a bunch of survivors who have been trapped in a warehouse for years, malnourished and hopeless. Sarah, the main character, heard a chopper going by one morning and convinced her fellow survivors to abandon their sanctuary and make a run towards the chopper, which may just be their last hope to surviving the already dead world. One problem though - the warehouse is surrounded by thousands of zombies!

This is a very good zombie book, in my opinion. It has enough gore and action to not make it too disgusting, but enough to make your heart pace! Unlike most books of the same genre, the characters were able to make a scientific explanation of the virus that has overwhelmed the world. It does get dragging around that part though. Too much technical terms and explanations that was just too much for me! Ha ha.

You get to care for the characters... a LOT. I really feel for Sarah though. She's more human than any of the main characters in the previous comic books I've seen. She's strong-willed, but there are times that she's scared and feel like giving up, too. She was able to get the group together, but there's no guarantee it's the same for her.

Overall, it's a pretty good read. I look forward to reading the sequel, Remains of the Dead, but when I have enough money to buy it on Amazon! Spent too much on books already this month :-)