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The Last Page - Libby Fischer Hellmann, David J. Walker Predictable.

The story is first introduced in the perspective of Barbara Adams, a hard-working, independent and mean librarian who loved books and worked her way to the top. She is staying late at the library doing something. She goes to the basement because she heard a suspicious noise, and next thing we knew, we get a first account of the murder that take place in the library.

Then we get introduced to Julia Fairbanks, a college student majoring in Law school. She loves criminology and wants to become a lawyer for crimes someday. Her mother, who is set to remarry a rich person named William Bryant, was close to the killed librarian and received disturbing messages from her friend minutes before she was killed. This arouses Julia's curiosities and prompts her to make further investigation regarding this. So she interviews people, tries to look for clues, and when she got it all together, got the shock of her life.

All I can say is that although it had its good moments, it was very predictable. I already knew who the killer was even before she figured it out. Not much mystery there... there are some colorful characters, but I do wish that the author tried to do some character development. I felt the ending was too abrupt. Julia I thought seemed a little bland, maybe too overly curious for her own good (but hey, nothing wrong with that). I only really liked JJ, the Janitor.

I think it would have been better if the author didn't suddenly leave the rest of the "suspects" alone after the first encounter. Julia interviewed them once and then... what? That's it? One gave her an alibi and the character didn't even tried to check if it was legit. I thought that these other characters were more interesting, but there were not enough disclosure about them. It's like she talked to them once and that's it. Doesn't work that way to me...

Overall, I rate this 3 out of 5. Not bad.