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The Eyes of the Dragon - Stephen King More of a 3.5.

This is my first Stephen King book. I've bought a lot of his books before (thick ones, with small font sizes!) but I've never gotten around to read them (I'd read the first 50 pages then give up. LOL.) so when a friend of mine forwarded this to me saying a TV series will be produced from it, I thought why not give it a try? Especially since they say that it's a dumbed down version of what he usually writes.

And I liked it, I did, with a few exemptions... The storytelling was unique, although the plot wasn't exactly anything new. The characters were not memorable, unfortunately. I thought Peter was too perfect... I mean, give him a couple of flaws, please? :) He was described as someone absolutely good, perfectly handsome, having a good sense of justice, etc. etc. the prince charming type -- that it was kind of boring. To be honest, no one really stood out... Probably the Chief Warden Beson!

I thought the first half of the book was so slow. We keep on getting flashbacks and a lot of introductory chapters. The real stuff happens around 60% of the book, and even then it is still slow =( I would forgive it if it had unforgettable characters, but such were not seen in this book. Ending was predictable, as well. Too much narration, so little plot. Know what I'm saying?

At the end of the day, I'm a bit disappointed... I liked it, overall, but it''s not something I'd read ever again. If you want to have a taste of Stephen King without having to resort to his 800-1000 pages novels, then maybe try this one? It may be your cup of tea, but it wasn't mine.