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Girl of Nightmares - Kendare Blake What do you do if your dead girlfriend who sacrificed herself in order to save you from the clutches of evil appear in your sight wherever you go? What do you do when every time you see her, she's being tortured each and every time - blood flowing from her eyes, her skin and flesh being scratched and cut from all directions, etc. etc.? Would you try to save her from this demise, or would you rather not venture into the unknown?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, maybe even a little bit more compared to the first one. I really felt for Anna here. Yes, she's dead, and has been for almost more than fifty years, but her character is very real nonetheless. When she was powerful and awesome in the first book, here she is fearful and scared, always struggling to get away from an evil force that threatens to kill her again and again in another plane. At first, I actually didn't want Cas to go and save her. His persistent attitude really annoyed me a lot, and I thought that if I were him, I wouldn't risk myself by pursuing such dangers again. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would face the most twisted and psychotic ghost not just once, but twice? But then again, that would be taking away the fun of it all.

There are a few new characters introduced here, and old characters given more exposure. I thought they were okay, but not very spectacular... I would have loved to know more about Morfan though, and his voodoo antics. Voodoo has always intrigued me. Thomas and Carmel's relationship is given more emphasis as well, and that's great because those two are really good side characters. They were given major roles throughout the book, giving them more purpose than just watching the show unfold.

As for the writing, it's simple and understandable. No unnecessary details that would force me to just skim the pages, and no clich├ęs that would make my eyes roll. There are a lot of instances though that made me want to punch Cas' eyes out, though then again, that would just be my being cautious. Don't venture into the unknown, damnit!