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Angel Burn (Angel, #1) - L.A. Weatherly After reading Unearthly and its second book, Hallowed, I was really looking forward to reading another Angel book. I realized that if written right, reading about Angels can be enjoyable. Angelfall, however, disappointed me a lot, despite having some glowing reviews. So I decided to read this series by L.A. Weatherly instead, hoping that it could live up to Unearthly. Once again, what could have been a good premise was overshadowed by a stupid, helpless heroine who always seemed to pause in life-and-death situations asking "is this really happening?". I am so, so disappointed.

There were moments where things got interesting, yes, but those few instances were those of the enemy's. They actually had a personality! Yipee! I had the most fun reading about them and thought they made the story so much better. Unfortunately, as a reviewer said here, they simply were tools for the main couple to run off and get to know each other better. Most of the novel were about the hero and heroine teasing and flirting with each other that it was driving me insane. Now, I like character developments, and gradually (or not in this case... they seem to have fallen in love immediately after meeting each other) falling in love is something I love to read, but not if most of the dialogue are just mindless drivel! They'd talk about the car, and how the car was a classic a few decades back, and the guy would be like "Oh, really?" "Yes, really. Blah blah blah." "Alright, I feel like I'm losing the argument here! *stupid grin*"


Stop it! Stop, stop, stop it! You might as well talk about the sun and wonder why it rises from the east everyday! I love reading about dialogues, but it has to have substance, or else, it'll become not just annoying but highly boring. It also didn't help that the the couple had to disclose to the reader how they thought their counterpart was SO beautiful.... SO gorgeous... SO otherworldly... come on. We get it the first time - no need to repeat it over and over like a broken record.

The changing of the point of views was horrible, too. There were two main ones - the heroine's and the hero's. The heroine is in a 1st person POV, and honestly, hers was annoying as hell. Too many unnecessary details that took out the element of surprise, and her... uhm, feelings and reactions she describe throughout the book made me cringe a lot. Like most YA heroines (well, from the ones I've read anyway), she didn't fail to make herself look stupid, helpless and utterly annoying. It would have been great to just have Alex's P.O.V - his was more bearable. That's why we need more guy POVs :/

I gave up after 50%. There are so many books out there - GOOD books - and I'd rather use my time wisely.