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Makeshift Miracle Book 1: The Girl from Nowhere - Shun Hong Chan,  Jim Zub As seen on The Social Potato.

Thank you Netgalley for the copy.

I've grown up reading comics. Not the DC or Marvel kind, although I'd want to read those someday, but comics for teenage girls and of course, Japanese manga. With that said, after reading a lot of amazing ones and a lot of dull ones, I've developed a certain standard of what makes an exemplary graphic novel - what key elements should be there, what formulas are needed to guarantee a hit, etc. etc. Unfortunately, while Makeshift Miracle was good, it somehow lacks something that could have made it better.

The cover, for example, lacks impact. Yes, the art is gorgeous, and one can tell from a glance, but its effectiveness leaves much to be desired. Inside, the art is as beautiful - there are enough details to make the sceneries alluring, the colours are light and vibrant, but there's this something that just isn't there. Some panels felt a bit forced, and I thought to myself that the chain of events happened a little too fast for my liking. There were times that the facial expressions of the characters fell flat and dull. There were also panels that had little color that it was grey. I think it was meant to be some sort of style in order to put emphasis on the coloured ones, but to me it felt lazy.

The story itself is not original. Ordinary boy meets an extraordinary girl who fell from the sky. When he finds her in a crater, she is cold and shivering and, of course, naked! Apparently, the girl is actually something more and enemies are out there trying to find her.

I've read that kind of scenario countless times. What makes each experience different from each other is the portrayal of the characters and their personalities. Unfortunately, the main characters in Makeshift Miracle had their boring and dull times, and I felt that their encounter didn't have that much effect... I mean, that's it? You'll just let this curious girl who fell from the sky in your home with no hesitation whatsoever? The acceptance of the situation felt too rushed, making me feel detached from them. I don't even remember their names anymore...

The narration really needs a lot of work. There are a lot of narration, but most of them are just irrelevant thoughts that neither move the story nor reflect the personality of the character. The fonts were weak and unappealing, and they would sometimes change after a chapter or two.

All in all, it was okay... but I definitely felt it could have been better.