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Ashen Winter - Mike Mullin Did not finish after 30% :( So, so, sorry! Here's a rundown why I didn't like it enough to finish it (but I won't give any rating):

* I find it highly annoying that Alex is such a wussy. He's all talk, but he doesn't walk the walk. He tries to act all tough, but it's always Darla saving him. Aside from that, he's too carebear for me. Hello! You're in a post-apocalyptic world where it's every man for himself. Why are you still nice to someone who tried to kill your freakin' family? What a nutjob.

* Main character is also too impulsive. I know, I know - it's fiction and I should suspend my disbelief, but given the situation they were in, I expected he'd be more calculating... I hate stupid heroes/heroines the most, the type that don't think before they act. I guess this is a tactic in order to keep "events" popping, but it backfired on me, and I hate that he keeps getting both of them (Darla and Alex) into trouble.

* All tell, not showing. I'm tired of the constant "I said this and I did that then I went there and I cooked this" etc. etc. It's really tiring to read. I don't want to make reading a chore, so I deemed it was best for my, ahem, well-being to drop this. It's unfortunate, because I actually liked the first book!