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The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter One of the reasons why I loved and appreciated the previous book of this series, Goddess Interrupted, was because I thought I've witnessed Kate Winters grow up from someone conceited and selfish into an individual able to emphatize with other people and make sound decisions. I mean, I'm like that, y'know? The character can be a total bitch in the first 80%, but as long as I see a real transformation, a metamorphosis of sorts, into someone better, then my opinion of the whole book can make a whole 180 degree turn. It's these discernments, realizations, and stories of finding oneself, that make a book stand out in my eyes.

As the conclusion to a rather unique series, I was expecting for it to end with a huge BANG! I expected that Kate will finally make reasonable decisions. I mean, I don't have any reason to hate and curse her like a sailor anymore. She did kind of grow up at the end of the second book, didn't she?! Surely, this change of attitude will be consistent?!

But color me dismayed, because I was dead wrong, and this makes me terribly sad. Kate suddenly became a total annoying heroine once more, making every little thing about herself and how she doesn't get it her way. Several times throughout the book, I felt like going inside the story, strangling her myself, and telling her, "Bitch! Get over yourself!" I swear, she became the epitome of naïvety, selfishness, and lastly, hypocrisy. She was so infuriating, making stupid decisions here and there, throwing tantrums every 5 minutes, that it affected my reading experience. She wanted everything to be about her, for everyone to listen to her, when she doesn't even listen to them. Uh, right, sure. I hate that she pretended to be oh-so-knowledgeable when she doesn't know shit. I loathe the fact that she doesn't take other people's situation, their circumstances, their valid reasons for doing what they did, into consideration, because hell, they hurt her, so why would she, right?!

Bitch, please.

So, yes, if you can't tolerate such characters, I'm warning you now. Stay away.

As much as I'd love to talk about the major instances that made me want to kill her myself, since Caliope took her damn, sweet time, that would mean spoilers for the rest of you, so I'll contain myself. I'll let you judge for yourself when you do read the book. Did I encounter other problems in this installment? Why, yes, I did. I loved how the romance was written in the first two books, but in this one, I appreciated it a little less. It may be because it felt too artificial and too forced, with Kate's annoying insistence of being the martyr between her and Henry. Dude. Bitch wasn't even a Goddess for a year, a minuscule amount of time compared to Henry's, well, eternity. If you can stand overly sugary scenes, maybe you can appreciate it... but, yeah, not for me.

But don't get me wrong, despite all these complaints, I still did enjoy this book. The twists and turns, the plot overall, made me grip pages after pages. It was exciting and thrilling, so if you're into a fast-paced plot, you may like it. I also loved how some side characters were given more depth and character, like Ava and Walter. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about the others, but given the small roles they played, I guess that's not big of an issue.

Overall, read this if you want a thrilling plot and especially if you want to read more about Ava and understand Walter more. Stay away if you can't tolerate annoying heroines, because this particular one featured here will make you want to pull your hair. 3/5 stars.

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