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Taking on the Dead - Annie Walls Well, that was an awesome zombie read. I don't understand some reviews here that say the book is about two guys fighting over a girl. In fact, there was none of that at all, at least from what I read. Maybe they are reading a different book.

In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Usually, I hate romance in zombie novels. Most of the time, they aren't done right and they get cheesy really, really early. But here? It really worked. But that's because it wasn't forced at all - it was developed nicely and realistically. You got to know the characters first and feel for them, making the romance factor very tolerable and even charming. Bt that's only a small factor. The world the author has written is nicely done as well. Yes, it's thriving with man-eating abominations, but she was able to write a sort of new society that is not only creepy but could actually work out, if it happened in real life. Maybe that's just me, though.

I really like this book and probably one of the best zombie reads I've encountered in a while. I cannot wait to read the next installment.