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Solitary - Alexander Gordon Smith Love, love, LOVE it! Just like the first book, the second installment of the Escape From Furnace series was just as spectacular, intense and disturbing. I have lost count of the many instances where I felt my heart thumping out of excitement, fear and disbelief. This book proved to Alex Sawyer and to the readers that an escape from the hell beneath hell is not an easy feat, and that the evil just never stops.

Writing wise, the author is absolutely talented. I felt like I myself was Alex Sawyer and that I was witnessing the horrors of Furnace with my own eyes, and that I was seeing the living nightmare in real life. It is very fast-paced, no sugar coating of details that I found in many other authors. His descriptions of the monstrosities in Furnace felt more real and vivid than horror movies, putting its scariness factor up a notch. He wrote the main character, the oung Alex Sawyer in such a way that you would really feel for him. At the beginning of the first book, Alex Sawyer was a bit of a jerk since he started out as a bully, but you really have seen him grow in the two books, as he did not just tried to fight against the wheezers, the blacksuits and the warden, but he also fought to keep his sanity in Solitary. It was written beautifully, realistically and hauntingly.

And gosh, the scene with Donovan. Donovan was one of my favorite characters in the first book so I was really devastated when he was taken by the wheezers. Alex, in Solitary, finds his friend back here again and managed to free him from being one of the wheezers specimens, but in a different yet touching way. it may sound lame but I cried buckets at that scene and had to take a break from reading because I couldn't stop thinking about it.

5 stars!!!