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Dead of Night - Jonathan Maberry I LOVE IT!!!

Wow, it was a blast reading this. I finished it in 2 days. I've read a lot of GOOD zombie books (Charlie Higson, Eric Lowther, etc.) and I have to say, Jonathan Maberry is definitely up there with them! This book was just so good. Unlike its other counterparts, this book starts from the beginning... how the virus started, who started it, their motives for creating such a monstrous thing... it's a real good fun.

I love the characters too. I love how the characters aren't the goody shoes presented in most books. We're introduced to Dez Fox, a thirty something year old cop who served some time in Afghanistan. She's apparently hot and pretty and everything you could ever ask for in a woman, but she is mean and she has attitude - and in a bad way. But despite the tough fa├žade, she has internal issues she's struggling with and many instances in the book she was shown to be in the verge of breaking down. She's probably the most humane lead character I've ever read in a zombie novel. She kicks ass, but she got those moments of insecurity. I love her to bits.

I also love the political drama here. Come on, who doesn't love politics, and who doesn't enjoy reading the theme of U.S. government wanting to cover their shit by pretending the issue never happened? Man, oh man, it's full of that in here.

Lots of action, lots of gore that will keep you yearning for more. Lots of characters that you will feel for. A zombie here is a zombie in body, but in mind, they're still human, so it's actually quite complicated as their consciousness is still intact. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good idea, and I enjoyed it very well.

I'm so happy that the ending hints of a sequel. PLEASE WRITE IT SOON!!!