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Storm - Brigid Kemmerer I'm giving away the three Elemental books! Click HERE to enter :)
Warning: there's a bit of rant up ahead. It's still PG-13, promise!

Final rating: 3.5

When I was younger, I was a bit obsessed with stories and cartoons that involve a group of teenagers being able to control the elements. I loved watching Captain Planet (shame it's not on Cartoon Network anymore!) and reading this girly comic book called W.I.T.C.H. There were a couple of mangas about it, too, and some that were slightly similar such as Wedding Peach and Sailor Moon. But take note - most of these stories were composed of an all-girls troupe, so when I first read the synopsis of Storm, I scoffed. All the elements being controlled by boys?! Well, isn't that new? I was a bit skeptical at first, but as I read on, I found myself enjoying it.

I can't deny that a premise involving four boys and one girl is intriguing and exciting (as long as not all of them falls in love with the same girl x_x that's a disaster waiting to happen). I was looking forward to the tension and drama the plot entailed, and there were a lot. Plot-wise, I was satisfied. There was flow and structure in the storyline, making it easy to follow and grasp, and the characters were all diverse and fun to read. They had their own personalities and antics that distinguished them from one another, making no room for confusion whatsoever. They're all consistent, electric, and fun, making the read very pleasurable. No joke, it made me look forward to seeing and reading each and every one of them, as many as they were. Add a magnetic and engaging plot + hot, dashing brothers, and you got yourself a winning formula, my friend.

However, as much as the story in general entertained me, there were a few "whoopsies" as well.

For starters, the girl was annoying as hell. In my opinion, she was highly unpleasant to read. The four brothers were fun and colourful individuals, but the heroine was irritating, fickle, and stupid. I'm alright with a girl being added to the bunch, but Becca's personality was very unbearable, and it didn't help her case that she was the narrator, to boot! Thank god the brothers were there to save this book for me. She couldn't make up her mind between Hunter and Chris, she was too hard on other people like her dad and her best friend, hell, she was hard on some of the brothers sometimes, too, without even knowing why they acted this way or that way (it kinda went both ways, though, but this was quickly resolved). There were times she made nasty and mean comments towards Quinn, her best friend, judging her clothing, the way she acted around other people, etc. etc. It didn't help that she had questionable actions in many instances in the story which I found unnecessary. Many of them were reckless and just stupid. It was like she just couldn't help but go to where trouble was brewing. Grrrr.

I was also disappointed in the predictable plot twist near the ending. So, the story tells us that there are people that are more connected to the elements, but there are supposedly a handful of individuals who have an affinity with them and are therefore more powerful and dangerous. These people have the capability to fully control and become one with water, air, earth, and fire. I read this book 2 weeks ago, so I'm not sure how this works, but I remember there's also a "fifth" person who can control all of elements, and that person is also usually trained as the one to contain the others who have an affinity with the four.

So, okay, I understand that. I thought to myself that surely this fifth person will be someone else, because, hey, it surely can't be that predictable, right? But imagine my surprise when the book finally revealed who the fifth person was. I'm sure you've all figured it out by now since it was so easy to predict, but just in case you forgot about it, it was Becca. When I got to this part, I was raging. I felt so upset! Why can't some people just remain normal for once, and play, I dunno, like Gwen/Maryjane is to Peter Parker's spiderman? Why do they also have to have power? Okay, maybe it really isn't that bad, but to have the highest form of power? Really? REALLY? —____— Needless to say, I facepalm'd so hard my forehead became red. No. Fricking. Joke.

All in all, it's a solid 3.5 for me, mainly thanks to the entertainment value and the interesting characters sans Becca. The plot is engaging, and despite us not seeing much of the powers of the boys, we still get the feeling that they are stronger than they appear to be, and I am indeed interested in knowing more of what they're capable of. There is also so much room for character development, and I'm looking forward to the process of maturity that I expect will happen in the succeeding books.

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