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The Sky: The Art of Final Fantasy Slipcased Edition - Yoshitaka Amano An ARC of this awesome book was given in exchange for an honest review.

As a long time fan and gamer of the Final Fantasy series by Squaresoft / Square Enix, I felt very honored and overwhelmed when I was given an ARC of this baby on Netgalley. I've always been fascinated with Yoshitaka Amano's artwork, for the way he draws, colors, and creates individuals, humans and monsters, is simply amazing, unique, and creative. Unfortunately, I've only seen very little of his works, most of them from freebies of the games I bought (conceptualisation of characters, etc.), so this illustration book has somehow rekindled and revived my love for him and the game series I remember being fond of.

And once more, I am simply astounded and amazed of Yoshitaka's gorgeous art and sheer talent for drawing and creating creatures I never would have imagined. And I consider myself having quite the imagination, but his take the cake. Looking at all of them, I remember the many hours and weeks I spent lost in the characters, the stories, and the games overall. The unique way he draws people, from their facial expressions down to the details of their costumes and garments, is impressive. The monsters? Even more so! They are striking, unusual, exotic, just the kind you'd expect from fantasy artists like him!

I seriously recommend this to all FF fans, especially those who played the earlier games and loved them. Buy it, if not for the nostalgia, for the art, because the illustrations themselves justify whatever price tag it gets. Now if only the series redeems itself... I'd gladly ditch all the recent Final Fantasies and lose myself in the classic ones!