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Screwed - Laurie Plissner I'm sorry, but this book isn't for me. It's not taking itself seriously, especially with such a complex subject matter (teen pregnancy). The character gets pregnant and in the first 5 pages she gets asked, "Was the other head a turtleneck or a crewneck?" WHAT THE FLYING FUCK? And trust me, there are more of that kind nonsense stuff in the book.


How amazing it would be to discover that kind of nirvana with a guy who thought of her as more than a place to park his junk for 5 minutes.

It was nearly impossible to imagine how a little limp of flesh covered with tiny bumps could be that powerful.


LOL. Just LOL. And WTF, too.

This puts stereotypes to the extreme. Math wiz has only one friend, labelled a "nerd", seen as an outcast, get called a "nobody", a dunce in social ways... I mean, seriously? If you're brilliant, I think that comes with fricking common sense. And oh, because they're such brainiacs, they call vagina an "encyclopaedia" and a dick a "Volkswagen".

OMG... I can't even.

I'm sorry, but I just want it all to stop. This was really written terribly. The 3rd person POV is all over the place, too. We get the impression we see it from Grace's perspective, and here comes a paragraph or two with another person's thoughts. Um... that's really inconsistent, yo.

So, yeah, I'm not even rating it. I only got as far as 19%. I already know she gets disowned by her parents, and she gets adopted by the millionaire next door... wow. It's not only ridiculous, it's also delusional. How convenient. *rolls eyes*