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Chonchu 8 - Sungjae Kim, Byungjin Kim I own the French version of this. Drawings are spectacular as always, and the storyline has progressed well. The last few volumes have been quite dragging, but it picks up the pace nicely here. Not much focus on Chunchu, which is pretty neat as it gives us some perspective on the other groups (Habaeks, in particular). Euntae (which we last saw in the 20 something chapters) comes back as a new person, having joined La Ligue Patriotique. I'm not sure I like that. Chunchu and Hyunwuk's relationship becomes a bit strained as the latter learns the truth of his "new friend", and Habaeks, tired of the oppression of the Whas, comes to retaliate. Honestly, I'm a bit torn as I don't know which group to root for - they are all brutal in their own way, fighting to survive, fighting to conquer, etc. etc. Amazing how this manhwa gives us a picture of how extreme human nature can go when pushed to the limit.

Can't wait to read Tome 9 :)