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Arclight - Josin L. McQuein Sorry, bebe, but I don't think you're for me. 20% in and I'm bored out of my mind. The heroine is extremely lacking (unremarkable to the extreme with painful narrative in a detached tone... I get that she's trying to be mysterious and disconnected as she doesn't really know herself that yet, but... it's just hard for me to connect this way. And while I looooove deep, insightful narration, this one just fell as flat as a cardboard). I read in some reviews that the love interest is as interesting as a toilet paper, and he and the heroine are in an on-and-off treatment. They'd have a moment, then they'll ignore each other... then another moment, and then they'll ignore each other... ugh, no thanks!

Sorry. I wanted to love this book but it just came off wrong from the very beginning with that awkward kiss. Like... yeah, you kissed and then you guys act like nothing happened. YOU BARELY KNOW SHIT ABOUT THE DUDE! :| I've seen that in shoujo mangas, and I'm too old for that now.

DNF at 20%.