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Hate List - Jennifer Brown What a disappointing book. GAH. I'm so mad.

Whiny heroine, whiny parents, whiny brother, whiny friends. I just can't stand it. And why is she trying to force the idea that Nick was still a good guy even if he shot and killed several people? Don't fucking make excuses for him. Ugh.

I mean seriously, the dad threatened to disown the girl! The mom told her outright that she ruined her life for simply loving the wrong guy. She wasn't even the criminal and yet her family treats her like one. What kind of parents are these? And the heroine didn't report them to the police or to a social worker or something, to how they are treating her? If my parents acted like this, I'd be running away. Nobody deserves that kind of crap, especially from people who should automatically be by your side through thick and thin. I couldn't believe how extreme they were written. Not cool. I was very uncomfortable.

Aside from that, the constant wallowing in self-pity was too exhausting. Not recommending this.