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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss Good lord, this was okay, but it was bad at the same time. The first book was written way, way, way better. This one was just unnecessarily long and full of filler chapters that provide no substance to the overall story. Many "arcs" were dragging, like his time with Felurian (the scene with the all-knowing tree was cool, though) and his time training the art of Ketan. It dragged so much and I skipped a lot of pointless training scenes, and I didn't even miss anything substantial. I really need an abridged version of this because it was just too much.

Also, for someone so intelligent and clever, I detested how Kvothe made a lot of stupid decisions that left me utterly flabbergasted. They were so out-of-character that I question whether or not they were just put into there to "force" the events to happen. Let me put it into layman's terms. You're in a relationship. You think that nothing is really happening, that things have been absolutely uneventful, and you want something to spice it up. SO, you convince someone to flirt with you to make your boyfriend/girlfriend feel jealous. OR, you make fake accounts on the internet and have them flirt with you online to make your loved one angry. Sure, it's wrong, but it made things happen in your life, and that's what's important. It felt like that here. Many events felt so forced, so out-of-character for Kvothe that I just couldn't understand why it was put there. Like the time he tried to get the ring back from Ambrose by getting into his room, without a good plan. He's clever? Really? I expected much more than that.

AND NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS! I FUCKING SWEAR - ALMOST A THOUSAND PAGES AND NOTHING REALLY HAPPENS! My god, thinking about it, this whole book was a filler. So he goes to university, is poor, filler, filler, he gets a term off, filler, filler, meets Denna again, filler, plays court intrigue with Alveron Maer, filler, fought with Denna, filler, went to a forest to catch bandits, filler, filler, filler, filler, had hot sex with a thousand year old fairy, 100x filler, learned the ways of the Ademre, 250x filler, came back to the university, is now rich, filler, filler, meets Denna again and they're okay now.


And what was even more annoying was how the interesting parts were left out. You see, Kvothe was arrested for calling the name of the wind in his confrontation with Ambrose. There was a trial that was so controversial that it aroused the interest of everyone! That everyone's talking about it! But do we see the trial according to Kvothe's eyes? NO! Because apparently, the narrator found it convenient to just skip it! Because it was a boring part of his life! WHAT THE FUCK. If it was so boring, why was it deemed scandalous? If it was so boring, why were people so amazed that you were able to convince you were innocent by using a few tricks? I don't get it. I really don't. Then on his way to Vintas, the ship he was on got pillaged by pirates, he drowned, he begged in the streets of Junpei, etc. etc. BUT OF COURSE IT WAS CONVENIENTLY SKIPPED, ONLY LASTED A PARAGRAPH OR TWO AND NEXT THING WE KNOW HE'S AT THE GATE OF SEVEREN.


And now all I'm thinking is - I WASTED FOUR DAYS OF READING FOR THIS??????

So many hours I'll never have again :(

P.S. There were too much sex. Too much unnecessary sex. He had numerous sex with the sex fairy, then became the god of sex when he got outside, at the age of 16. LOLOLOL.